About This Web App

This description is primarily for recruiters who would like a summary of what this site is, what it does, and how it does it.

This web app is a project in and of itself. It was constructed using the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, Markup, Python) utilizing the Django framework, v3.2. Some apps linked from the nav and home page are also made with Django. Others are linked to external sites such as Heroku and Github.

Bootstrap 5 and custom CSS3 are utilized for styling.

What does it show?

  • User Authentication
    Example: A user can sign up to create blog posts. Users can only edit their own blog posts.
  • CRUD Operation (Create, Read, Update, Delete) via REST APIs
  • Responsiveness
    This site is made with multiple viewports in mind.
  • CSS Customization
    Custom CSS serves to both style elements and override Bootstrap classes.
  • DevOps
    This site does not utilize a PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider, e.g., Heroku, Linode, etc. The process to get it online required a bit of homework and a bit of discovery. (And my hearty thanks to those who explored this before me.)
  • Email Service
    This site sends custom email.