Welcome to Sandrok.com

Full-stack Software Development and Digital Asset Production

This site serves as a portfolio and demo site for Richard Sandrok, a full-stack software engineer and end-to-end digital content producer based in Evanston, Illinois. Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries to discuss your needs and how I might help fit them.

A quick note: the colors on this front page have been changed to those of the Ukrainian flag; a small show of support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people. For interested web devs, the colors are Strong Azure – #0057B7, rgb(0, 87, 183) and Yellow – #FFD700, rgb(255, 215, 0). 🇺🇦

About this site


A personal blog utilizing a Markdown editor. Guests may create an account to create and edit their own blog posts. Ownership counts.

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A site that allows authorized users to create polls and anyone to vote on them. Votes are tallied and presented via Bootstrap badging.

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A responsive resume with links to samples and examples. Resizing encouraged. Download links for downloadable PDF included.

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Dev Learner Log

Keep track of your learning, for any topic you're learning.

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Dork Therapy

The Dork Therapy Podcast: Gen X nerds examine the things they were made fun of for growing up in a time when geek wasn't quite so...cool.

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